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A fun to play video game using a revolutionary approach that combines proven clinical therapies and leading-edge neuroscience to bring you effective and affordable brain training exercises.

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By engaging the entire body, BrainyAct integrates and automates eight different motor-sensory areas for whole brain learning and improved academic success.

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Kinuu developed BrainyAct to create long lasting neurological changes and improve academic skills, behaviors and social interactions for children with ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia.

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The BrainyAct Experience


Activating the brain by engaging the full body is BrainyAct’s superpower to building neuroplasticity. Customized for each player the game is response activated and has precise tracking tools allowing you to see real-time results. To maximize effectiveness, our program consists of a minimum of 40 sessions, 2-3 times a week.


We believe strongly that proper nutrition and supplements can make a huge difference for your child. The brain's two primary fuels are oxygen and glucose. We provide resources and education to help your child get the critical nutrition their brain needs to build new connections and repair cells that produce energy.


We know it’s important to be part of community with other parents going through similar experiences. As a BrainyAct subscriber, you will become part of our Hope Community, with access to eCourses, webinars and motivation. Within our mission, we want to fuel research and by playing BrainyAct, together we can help the next generation.

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