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What is BrainyAct?

The brain has a proven ability to change and adapt. Scientists refer to these changes as neuroplasticity. The more you exercise your brain, at any age, you can improve these connections. Following a computer-based initial baseline assessment, BrainyAct captures the child’s data to determine areas most needed for improvement. Play sessions are personalized to target the areas that need it the most and BrainyAct strengthens, automates and integrates those primary functions most often used in the classroom.

How Does BrainyAct Work?

BrainyAct works the underlying motor-sensory functions such as balance, gravity, gross/fine motor, rhythm and timing, visual motor perception and memory. Using motion-sensing technology, BrainyAct provides instantaneous feedback driving stronger brain connections for increased neuroplasticity. Baseline assessments are initiated after every 20 play sessions to see noticeable improvements.

What Results Can My Child Expect?

BrainyAct has shown improvement in handwriting, communication, motor planning, memory, emotional regulation and self-confidence. Your BrainyAct dashboard
provides you a snapshot of player gaming and exercise data which includes how often they played, coin counts and assessment statistics.

Three Mom’s Share BrainyAct’s Profound Changes

BrainyAct Developed Using Clinical & Scientific Research Studies

The driving motivation for Kinuu is to find a way to help kids with learning disabilities such as ADD/HD, Autism and Dyslexia. Introducing BrainyAct a fun to play video game using a revolutionary approach that combines proven clinical therapies to bring you effective and affordable brain training exercises.

By engaging the entire body, BrainyAct integrates and automates eight different motor-sensory areas for whole brain learning and improved academic success. BrainyAct responds to your child giving instantaneous feedback by using motion sensing technology.

These targeted exercises activate the brain to improve your child’s balance, gravity, gross/fine motor, rhythm and timing, visual motor perception and memory. The brain has a proven ability to change and adapt. Scientists refer to these changes as Neuroplasticity. Kinuu developed BrainyAct to create long lasting neurological changes and academics for these children.

Improving Neuroplasticity requires; identifying and targeting the weakness, precise movement combined with consistent repetition and instantaneous feedback. BrainyAct® incorporates these functions to produce faster, stronger and long-lasting improvements quickly and will show parents tangible progress.

We are offering an exclusive program for families to participate in Planet BrainyAct

Join us at Planet BrainyAct, a unique, specialized program for children and teens with learning disabilities. BrainyAct activates the brain through exercises that target your child’s balance, gross/fine motor skills, rhythm and timing, visual motor perception and memory. Planet BrainyAct is offered to children ages 6-15.

Our program has flexible daily scheduling – including Saturdays – so that it easily works around any schedule. Each session lasts approximately an hour and is scheduled 2-3 times per week. BrainyAct coaches will be on-hand to help your kids play and have fun.

New participant orientation held weekly

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Session Pricing

$1995 per player includes 40 sessions (lasting 45min - 1hr)

Available Times

Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm


BrainyAct by Kinuu’s office: 16202
Highway 7, Minnetonka, MN 55345