The Science Behind BrainyAct

Kinuu developed BrainyAct to create long-lasting neurological changes in children. In order to improve neuroplasticity, neurons must be repeatedly fired together in order to branch out and connect to one another. This process happens through activation. Neuron connectivity cannot happen with supplements or diet alone, it takes place by activating areas of the brain through movement, sound, colors and response. However, as with any brain exercise program the key factor is to know where and how to fire neurons to get the best results. BrainyAct does just that.

By utilizing motion sensing technology, BrainyAct works at identifying the functional weakness in a player. BrainyAct is recognized for targeting the most critical brain areas for improvement and creating customized play sessions for the player’s specific needs. BrainyAct uses precise movement and user responses combined with consistent repetition and immediate feedback to produce faster, stronger and long-lasting improvements. Through our parent portal, parents will see exercise-related advancement which leads to long-term progress in academics, social and behavioral areas.

Pyramid of Brain Development

BrainyAct is a holistic program that follows the Pyramid of Brain Development

All of our players follow the pyramid of Brain and Body Development. We work the lower brain functions first and then the upper brain functions. Brain development in a baby starts at the base of the pyramid (central nervous system and low brain functions) and works it way up to the top (high brain functions), following a specific path of developmental milestones along the way. 

When milestones are missed or hit too early, a child can experience disconnections and challenges

BrainyAct takes a bottom-up approach, carefully filling these foundational gaps in the chain of development, resulting in improved brain/body communication and connections. Functional weaknesses improve and learning happens more naturally.

The driving motivation for Kinuu is to find a way to help kids with learning disabilities such as ADD/HD, Autism and Dyslexia. BrainyAct a fun to play video game using a revolutionary approach that combines proven clinical therapies to bring you effective and affordable brain training exercises.

By engaging the entire body, BrainyAct integrates and automates eight different motor-sensory areas for whole brain learning and improved academic success. BrainyAct responds to your child giving instantaneous feedback by using motion sensing technology.

These targeted exercises activate the brain to improve your child’s balance, gravity, gross/fine motor, rhythm and timing, visual motor perception and memory. The brain has a proven ability to change and adapt. Scientists refer to these changes as Neuroplasticity. Kinuu developed BrainyAct to create long lasting neurological changes and academics for these children.

Improving Neuroplasticity requires; identifying and targeting the weakness, precise movement combined with consistent repetition and instantaneous feedback. BrainyAct incorporates these functions to produce faster, stronger and long-lasting improvements quickly and will show parents tangible progress.