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The testimonials and images below are improvements and results that parents have seen in their children after completing the BrainyAct program!

My son saw amazing results with both his academics and athletics. After playing BrainyAct, his grades in language arts and math improved from C/D’s to A/B’s. He also experienced improvements with his hand/eye coordination, and for the first time he was able to serve the ball over the net while playing volleyball in PE! 

Our son struggled with balance, coordination, rhythm and timing. He couldn’t do jumping jacks in gym class or Karate and struggled with laps at swimming lessons. It really tore down his self esteem. After completing BrainyAct, he was able to perform over 60 consecutive jumping jacks and swam 300 meters. We have one happy kid!

BrainyAct has substantially changed our daughter’s academic progress this year! We’ve seen significant improvements with her reading comprehension, organization and executive functioning skills. And her ability to self-regulate has also improved substantially!

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